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Security services

Security and protection / Bodyguarding

  • Fixed Post Security Services
    Objective, goods and other received values watching and ensuring its integrity. Supervising especially the most vulnerable points in the perimeter of the objective for the purpose of preventing events that could cause prejudice.
  • Reception service
    Visitor registering and their arrival announcing, acces card issueing to visitors and accompaniment to the place of meeting.
  • Acces control services for clients and staff during work hours or beyond
    Complete security service including the observation of establishment entrance that permits real time monitoring of establishment visitors, as well as of staff, for the purpose of preventing events that could cause prejudice.
  • Patrol services
    For the purpose of preventing incidents and serious prejudice, Intersecurity Guard offers their clients mobile troops to ensure the integrity of objectives through area patrolling. The troops are equipped with radio sets and specific means of protection and are able to secure the whole area by knowing its vulnerable points.
  • Observation services by means of closed circuit television
    Complete safety can not be achieved without an efficient video observation, that permits real time monitoring of events and suspicious individuals, as well as image recording for the purpose of subsequent control and providing evidence in court.
  • VIP Services
    We offer elite escort services or bodyguarding. As this type of service assumes special situations and circumstances, a very laborious preceding preparation and anticipation of possible scenarios is required from our specialists.

Monitoring and instant intevention

  • Continuous minitoring of alarm system in case of burglary and hold-up
    Permanent security of observed objectives by qualified staff, modern cars and working dogs.
  • Monitoring the opened/closed event from dispatching
    Since receptioning the call from dispatching, the time of intervention is maximum 6 minutes during daytime and macximum 3 minutes during night.
  • Periodical testing of alarm systems at the objectives
    Our firm dispose of high qualified staff that assures periodical testing of alarm systems at observed objectives.
  • Monitoring the event „low battery“ or power supply interruption from dispatching
    Our firm possesses power generators in case of power supply interruption.
  • Instant fire service announcement in case of fire alarm
    We assure round-the-clock connection with fire department.
  • Ambulance or personal doctor announcement
    We assure round-the-clock connection with ambulance 24/24.

Security system instalation

  • Burglary or fire alarm (through wire or wireless)
    Our firm possesses all the necessary technology for burglary and fire alarms installation.